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Night cruise with dinner and fireworks show

A magical experience of lights and colors

Amalfi Boat Tour is very traditional and we know how much the Amalfi Coast fireworks show mean to its people. It is proud to us to bring tourist to the local culture in many different ways and the Patron Saint’s days are a chance to have fun and to learn more about these special events. Our night cruises can guarantee the best seat for the fireworks display. Find out more!

Festivals boat tours

Join a fireworks cruise with Amalfi Boat Tour and select your front- row seat. The experience starts with a sunset trip to admire the panoramic skyline of the Amalfi Coast and ends in the evening with the final show. You can drop off to enjoy the festival or have a dinner while you wait for the show time. Choose how to spend your evening, and above all, decide your preferred date. The main festivals and Patron Saint's days are: Sant'Andrea in Amalfi, San Pietro in Cetara, Santa Trofimena in Minori, Santa Maddalena in Atrani, Ferragosto in Maiori and Positano. Consult the events calendar.
Fireworks in Amalfi
Fireworks in Cetara

Calendar of events

Discover if there is a special event during your stay on the Amalfi Coast. And if it is, book your mini cruise now.
Don’t miss the most scenic fireworks display, right from our boat!

Amalfi: June, 27 (Sant'Andrea)
Cetara: June, 29 (San Pietro)
Minori: July, 13 (Santa Trofimena)
Atrani: July, 22 (Santa Maddalena)
Maiori: August, 15 (Ferragosto)
Positano: August, 15 (Ferragosto)
Fireworks in Minori
Fireworks in Positano
It’s not a shared group tour, it’s your private night! So, you have the possibility to enjoy the majestic celebration of light fireworks display when you want and whoever you want. Our guided trips delight families of all ages. Join Amalfi Boat Tour for a private fireworks show over the Amalfi Coast… your holiday experience won’t get better than this.
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